Urban Pulse

Check out this week’s top articles! From architectural innovation to budget announcements, lots has happen!

  1. Quadrangle Designs Six-Storey Timber-Frame Condo in the Beach
    This article takes me back to the discussions about timber-built mid-rise buildings from earlier this year.  The City of Toronto recently revised their building code, allowing up to 6-storey buildings to be made of timber (previously it was 4), so this is one of the first projects to come about as the result of that.
  2. Crosstown LRT Station Names to be Finalized in the New Year
    Who knew naming some LRT stops could be so difficult?
  3. GO Train Gets Green Light to Boost Fares Early Next Year
    More transit news! But not always the kind we like to hear. Along with the recent TTC fare hike, GO Train is raising their fares.
  4. Toronto Gets Its Own Nike Sneakers
    Fun news of the week, Nike’s releasing a new pair of Air Max 1’s dedicated to the 6ix! They look really awesome, but they’re limited edition so I’m sure only sneaker fanatics will be able to snag a pair. That being said, I also just grabbed myself a ‘We The Norm‘ hat, to pair with my i Love Toronto hoodie, so I’m doing pretty well on the 6ix goods front!
  5. Toronto Community Housing board approves $543M operating budget
    TCHC’s 2016 budget has been passed.  It’s a 534 million dollar budget, including the need for 13.7 million dollars contributed from the City of Toronto to help them keep afloat. Again we’re seeing transparency issues with TCHC here.  I’ll be keeping an eye on how this one unfolds.

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