Zero Waste Conference 2015

This Thursday was the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Conference 2015, broadcast for the first time with Toronto as a satellite city, and showcasing many amazing speakers from both locations.  For those of you following me on Twitter or who checked out #ZWC2015, I’m sure you saw the highlights!  It was a unique experience where participants also got to interact with the speakers via Pigeonhole Live, and I enjoyed asking questions and seeing what my peers were interested in!

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Agritecture: Making the Most of Our Roofs

Hello everyone! Welcome to Urban SimpliCity, where I’ll be bringing to you some (hopefully) interesting ways we can make our cities more environmentally and people friendly and really simplify our lives in such a complex world.

One of the largest sustainability problems we face in the city is our lack of agricultural space.  Cities thrive on their density and benefit from mixed use spaces which cover work, home, and entertainment all in one – but those spaces very rarely cover bigger picture uses such as our food system.  This is where agritecture comes in.

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