The Walking School Bus

When I lived in Japan my host family had two elementary age daughters, and every morning their mom would wake them up, feed them, and get them ready just in time to make the bus — only this bus wasn’t a bus at all, it was a walking school bus!  It’s actually a common sight in Japan, elementary school children in two straight lines, being lead to school by an adult chaperone.  (Just like a scene from Madeleine!)

So, what is a walking school bus?

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Vote October 19th!

For those of you that didn’t make it out to the advanced polls to vote, Monday will be your last chance to have your say in the Federal election!  Make sure you get out there to vote.  Here’s my round-up of the urban-centric portions of each party’s campaign platform, plus a few of my comments below.

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Agritecture: Making the Most of Our Roofs

Hello everyone! Welcome to Urban SimpliCity, where I’ll be bringing to you some (hopefully) interesting ways we can make our cities more environmentally and people friendly and really simplify our lives in such a complex world.

One of the largest sustainability problems we face in the city is our lack of agricultural space.  Cities thrive on their density and benefit from mixed use spaces which cover work, home, and entertainment all in one – but those spaces very rarely cover bigger picture uses such as our food system.  This is where agritecture comes in.

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